Fluxys Projects

When I started working for Fluxys in October 2020 they had just created their new branding. So the first few months of work, there were a lot of documents that needed to be redone with the new branding. But I also created a lot of new things with the acceleration of the energy transition.

Visuals for internal communication

As part of the branding team at Fluxys I have worked a lot with and for the internal communications team. I have helped them with some templates for intranet visuals as well as design posters and other printed materials for some internal campaigns.

Explainer videos

With the acceleration of the energy transition a lot of new visual materials had to be made. With my animation skills I was able to create a few engaging video explainers. My favorite I made was the Strategy movie. But you can find them all on the Fluxys Youtube channel (We make the move, CO2 & H2 video).

Social media templates

In addition to the visuals I created for the internal communication, I also made some templates for social media posts. My colleague had basic knowledge of Adobe Indesign so I created some different layouts she can just adapt by changing the picture, color, and text.

Apart from these templates, I regularly made a personalised image or animated GIF.


I have also designed for the Fluxys website. Here you can find what I made for the onepager about the Annual Report of 2021.


Last but not least, I have created several infographics, both for internal and external communication. To create these I have worked closely with the content team.